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Earth Hour day every day

Dragana 30 March 2012 6,606 views 4 Comments

Multiply the effect of Earth Hour


We can. We will. Will you?

Newspapers, media, the internet and social networks are reminding people that on 31st March 2012 it’s Earth Hour Day, aimed at raising awareness about the unfavorable climate change on our planet.

When I received a text message from my mobile phone provider to shut down the lights for 1 hour in the evening, a thought came that with spiritual practice we can take this effort further.

We have shared in our article on climate change, that the spiritual practice of chanting assures an increase in spiritual purity in us. In the long run, this changes both us and our environment as chanting is far more subtle (and therefore more powerful) than any gross means we resort to in order to prevent unfavorable climate change.

If all the people who are willing to participate in Earth Hour day chant for 1 hour tomorrow, we can only imagine how much impact this could have on our planet!

So let us switch off the lights tomorrow for 1 hour and even better, let us chant for 1 hour tomorrow.

In case you like chanting and start experiencing it’s numerous psychological and spiritual benefits you can chant for at least an hour every day. That could not only help avert further climate change but would help our inner growth as well.


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  • Shallon said:

    Hello! This sounds like a great idea! I was just wondering which chant and at what time?

  • admin said:

    Dear Shallon, it seems we missed to answer you in time for Earth Hour day; but as we suggested in the blog we can make this effort every day! We would suggest you try the chants from our article ‘Start your spiritual journey‘. Every day is good day for thinking about the earth and for our spiritual development, and chanting helps both. For any further assistance you may need, feel free to write in on our log-in page.

  • Selina Jen said:

    hi there!

    I think it was an excellent idea about switch off the lights but my question for you is should I stay alone or with my friend to face that situation? which one will be more effective?

  • admin said:

    Selina, sorry, we didn’t understand your question

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