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Sounds of the Universe

Ana 10 February 2012 11,980 views 44 Comments

Test your sixth sense by comparing sounds of the universe in the form of pulsars with the Divine sounds captured in the close proximity of a higher level Saint

We recently published a number of self-generated Divine sounds which have the ability to spiritually heal and impart spiritual experiences.

Some of our readers have promptly pointed out that these Divine sounds markedly resemble sounds that come from outer space, namely, the sound of pulsars.

A pulsar (portmanteau of pulsating star) is a highly magnetized, rotating neutron star that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation.

How does the sound of pulsars compare to the Divine Sounds that we have published?

You can find out for yourself by hearing the pulsar sounds below and then listening to the Divine sounds.

After you have done this subtle experiment, if you wish, please share your findings with us. Please leave a comment below or via our SSRF Login facility.


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  • Sushil Sahadeo Mahajan said:

    I felt neutral while listening the sounds received from pulsars.

    But I felt positive while listening the self generated divine sounds. I felt like I am getting relaxed and my level of concentration has increased by hearing the divine sound.


  • chandrakant said:

    Dear SSRF,

    It is doubtful and may be misleading while comparing the Divine Sounds with the sound of a pulsar, because the sounds of a pulsar are electromagnetic in nature and therefore it can be observed only on an ultra high frequency radio receiver. Listening to the sounds of a pulsar is in some extent similar to the manner of listening to the sound of a washing machine or a generator or a kitchen appliance such as a mixer/grinder on a very sensitive HF radio receiver placed near to the equipment.

    Whereas the Divine Sounds which have manifested themselves are totally Divine in nature as you have claimed that they have appeared without any apparent reason.

    In my view comparing this is like comparing an apple with a calculator.


  • admin said:

    Dear Chandrakant, in this experiment we are not comparing the origin of the sounds, just the vibrations emitted from them. Please do let us know your experience after listening to them.

  • Kaushik Barde said:


    I have heard sounds of various celestial bodies (planets, stars, pulsar even black holes). I also heard divine sounds posted on your web-page. I did not feel distress; on the contrary, some sounds immediately reminded me of universal sound of ‘Aum’. In my humble opinion, Celestial sounds project a state of consciousness for specific celestial body, similar to human consciousness, celestial consciousness resonate though electro-magnetic/radio waves at UHF. Divine consciousness however, has no spectrum realm and it can manifest into animal/vegetation/human/celestial audio spectrums. Net-net, Divine sound is really a manifestation of divine consciousness through audible frequencies.

    Right now my computer is making sound similar to divine sound 1C–Aum sound, which is interesting. Sounds similar to 1B were made during which can be heard here, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQSavQ9DV-s. Interpretations vary, some do appear but they are not. I believe these sounds signify the spiritual fabric of the universe, these sounds are amplified through saints regardless of their location.


  • Krishnan said:

    The first feeling after hearing it all was a sense of awe – here were collapsed stars itself (quite) large, even now, and rotating at such prodigious speeds of rotation! Truly, felt humbled.
    The second feeling was observing one’s reaction to the sounds – somehow the Crab nebula sound was something to which there was a sympathetic response within, in the mind.

  • admin said:

    Dear Krishnan, when you later heard the Divine sounds, what was your experience compared to the sound of pulsars?

  • Alan said:

    For me the distinction was clear, I felt the universal sounds were not good and may be negative, but the divine sounds were indeed positive

  • Usha said:

    I have stored these sounds in my handphone. At the initial stage some of the sounds were distressing and unbearable to the ears…. but now I’m accepting it . And the best part is, some sounds create vibrations and sensations on certain chakra points. I’m truly enjoying it now.


  • Spirituality | Sounds of the Universe | BABAJI said:

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  • Chandrakant said:

    Dear SSRF,

    Most of the Divine sounds except 1b,1d,1e,1i,1g,3b,4a; were similar to the noise of compressor + coils present inside our air-conditioners/refridgerators at home, and I did not perceive any vibrations.

    However this is what experienced in case of -
    1b – Has a sound similar as made by striking a tuning fork in a tunnel. This had vibrations which feel piercing in the mind creating a whirlpool which overtakes the worldly thoughts emerging in the mind.

    1d – Has a rhythm hidden behind or superimposed by usual compressor/tube light choke noise. It was attracting attention of the ears, but however it did not affected chanting, nor produced any ripples of bhav, chaitanya or anand during the thoughtless state of mind. However, it increases curiosity.

    1e – This has a prominent rhythm of sound as that of a saw-blade machine (could be a compressor), and an very thin vibration as that of an Australian musical instrument named ‘Didgeridoo’, it did not affect chanting, nor produced any ripples of bhav, chaitanya or anand during the thoughtless state of mind.

    1g – This contained a sound similar to a blow by a hammer on a metalic surface, producing another sound of a chain-saw machine as a reaction to the blow. But its combined rhythm was able to tune the mind with a chant of beej-mantra – ‘Mam Mam Sham Sham’.

    1i – This has a sound similar as made by a cricket or an insect superimposed on the background of ‘Ashva-naad’. The background ‘Ashva-naad’ has generated impulses of a Marak-bhav. This sound which is similar to that of a cricket is also noticed many times in H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj’s bhajans.

    3a – Similar to 1g but the sound of the strike as that of an axe on a piece of wood is more audible, this feels pleasant, stops worldly thoughts emerging in mind. Creates Marak impulses in a thoughtless state of mind.

    3b – It is the ‘Ashwa-naad’

    4a – This has a combination of three rhythms, one is of an insect cricket, second is an impulse of an energy along with its echo, and the third at the background is a sound created by a moving train. The impulse of an energy is striking indeed and creates ripples of Marak-bhav during thoughtless state of mind.

    In my view, in a nutshell, all of the Divine sounds stand no match to the bhajan’s of H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj, and I did not have any experience of bliss, or awakening of bhav, engrossment, or communion with God, which otherwise effortlessly happens in case of the bhajan’s of H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj.

    Request is to please provide guidance on this.

    with immense gratitude and joy

  • admin said:

    Dear Chandrakant,

    Your experiences are interesting. Below are some reasons for the the difference you feel between the Holy songs (bhajans) of H. H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj, and the Divine sounds:

    1) Since the bhajans of H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj contain words which are understandable to us, in the initial stages of spiritual practice, it is easier for spiritual emotion (bhav) to be awakened while listening to the Holy songs (bhajans) of H.H. Bhaktaraj Maharaj, compared to Divine sounds.

    2) Since spiritual healing occurs on us from both the bhajans and the Divine sounds, depending on the type of distress we are presently facing, we may get different experiences (pleasant or unpleasant) from the Divine sounds and the bhajans. Bhajans are suitable for distress occurring at the samashti-vyashti (collective-individual) level whereas Divine sounds are are suitable for distress occurring at samashti (collective) level.

    3) If we are not facing any distress, then we can listen to the bhajan or sound which gives us a more pleasant experience.

    Hope that you were also able to compare the difference between your experience of the Divine sounds with the pulsar sounds.

  • TheMightyOne said:

    This is amazing..it is natural yet mechanical.! Here… I thought we were making the sounds of the Universe…!

  • Omkardutta said:

    The self generated divine sounds in scientific terms are called binaural beats http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Binaural_beats

    We experience binaural beats when we hear two different frequencies, one in each ear. The binaural beat is defined as the difference between the two pitches. For example, if you hear a 200Hz sound in one ear and a 190Hz sound in the other you’ll hear a 10Hz binaural beat because 200 – 190 = 10.

    Think of a binaural beat as an auditory artifact. In our example above, there is no 10Hz sound yet we “hear” one anyway. In order to hear a binaural beat you must use headphones in order to have adequate stereo separation. Speakers won’t work, you have to use stereo headphones or ear buds.

    Why listen to binaural beats? Because they can increase specific brainwave frequencies as our brain mimics the frequencies we hear within the binaural beat. Let’s say you want to increase your alpha brainwaves. Listen to a binaural beat in the alpha range (8-12 Hz). This phenomena is called entrainment or frequency-following response

    Binaural beats have been known and used in many meditation groups especially of Advaita / Buddhist orders. They are an ideal meditation tool, its best to use the pure simple signals and not the “new age” versions that include music, water sounds etc.

    Brainwaves are Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta; ideally it’s good to start with the frequencies you are comfortable with or else it may prove very distressing. There are enough articles on the subject and research of binaural beats on the web.

    Here is a place to download free Mp3 files with binaural beats

  • MAHADEV S said:


    Divine sounds are weapons given by “THE LORD OF UNIVERSE- SHRI HARI VISHNU”,the destroyer of evils and protector of the good and divinity, to help their devotees and seekers against the attack of evil spirits and black energy in this present Kaliyuga.

    Just chant the name of the Good or do meditation along with hearing these divine sounds in order to get double benefits and advantages.



    With Love and dedication
    Mahadev S

  • anant said:

    Now this is interesting. To me pulsar sounds were negative but divine sounds were clearly positive with strong pleasurable sensations in throat. why wud they be negative?. Probably because from their nature they seemed to be erratic and devoid of chaitanya.

  • admin said:

    Dear Anant, it’s very good you were able to correctly perceive positive vibrations coming from the Divine sounds.

  • Ryan Newell said:

    You will find, that when listening to the sounds of nature, such as binural beats they hold a pattern that nature holds, much like the Fibonacci sequence, that occurs in nature, I think they all omit, positive energies that our brain is genetically programmed to act to, I believe this is due to the reprogramming of the whole universe by the divine, but some may believe this to be biological accident, after playing these sounds at any rate, my room begun to make similar sounds, my computer’s buzz and fan imitated them, and my radio started going static when turned off and imitating the sounds, they also seemed to resonate positive vibes, and I am still unsure as to why, my knowledge is limited, but I tend to see lots of fuzzy dots and get a feeling of safety around such objects.

  • 华沙 said:


  • Anokhi said:

    I like this sound. i want to hear it again and again. Is it good? Beneficial for spiritual healing?

  • admin said:

    Dear Anokhi, we recommend Divine sounds for spiritual healing.

  • tarun said:

    I have to ask – are the sounds emanating from the pulsar negative. And I especially like 1.B – it reminds me of outer space, its just like it.

  • admin said:

    Dear Tarun, the pulsar sounds predominantly emit Raja-Tama frequencies. We have displayed them here so that everyone can experience the difference between pulsars and Divine sounds. Although they sound similar, their effect is very different

  • Naggu said:

    All the pulsar sounds produced a major energising effect on me, EXCEPT the last one which was shrill and seemed to drain all my energy away and even induced a sense of panic. On the contrary, I found no similarity with any of the divine sounds, all of which were soothing and some had similarity to the sound of the veena [an indian musical instrument].

  • aleta said:

    I cant get it to play. As a psychic, I heard something while channelling in the 90s. It was the sound / frequency coming from the planets. They all have their own sound, known as “the music of the spheres” Beautiful. Like music.

  • venkatasamy said:

    I always ie. for 24 hours hear a ‘bee’ sound ie. when I go to a forest inside area, or dark area, or in a cave inside area, there is a sound like a ‘bee’ flying around. When I inquired with my master who is a Buddhist monk he said that it is a universal sound. When i meditate I only follow the sound, automatically I go into a samadhi position or sleeping position but with consciousness. When I would ask my friends and relatives or family members they would say that there is no sound and advised me to check my ears. When I went to an ENT specialist for some other problem he said I am alright. Anyway it helps me to meditate to take me over to the deepest position. Thanks to god/goddess/deity/kuladeva, whoever it may be. I wish to say thanks to the universe or nature.

  • admin said:

    That’s interesting, Venkatasamy

  • neetu said:

    I did listen to the Divine Sounds and for me most of them sound like OM OM OM …which is very pleasant. I hear a buzzing sound, like sound that is in the night ….like a cricket or sometimes mixed with bell …it gets so strong that i can literally feel the sound. This sound is not disturbing but sometimes overwhelming like a ringtone is on in my ear. What could it be?

  • Srini said:

    I feel 2b is soothing and resting in peace when compared with all other sounds.


  • Clara said:

    The pulsar sounds were fascinating and appealing to my mind only; the spiritual or divine sounds immediately registered in my energy field and my body and I began “pulsing” with them, particularly in the third eye chakra. I still think the pulsars and all sounds from the universe are a manifestation of the frequencies of creation, or God.

  • Haresh Janardhan said:

    Honestly speaking the divine sounds were good… The bhajan sound was okay but I wish it was much clearer in quality. If we are spreading goodness and spirituality, I’m here to offer you my quest I’ve always believed in best quality of delivering. I honestly believe if we could give the best quality of audio out that makes every speaker sound clear by default that would be perfect!

    Anyway lots of love from me to you guys!


    My experience on pulsar audio was kinda scary towards the end. I didn’t have many issues with the Divine songs/sounds – love them all! But some give me a little headache and some make me feel energized and give me goosebumps.. What I love the most is 2A and 2B they sound like home and I love it!

  • keerthi said:

    Hello SSRF, I was reading the effects of each and every divine sound and I noticed 2b had the highest level of the sattva component in it of 60 and lowest tama component of 10. Does this mean divine sound 2b is the best of them all or the strongest ?

  • admin said:

    Dear Keerthi, although the sounds have different proportions of the basic components, each one counters a different type of distress, i.e. performs a specific function.

  • Rajesh K Singh said:

    The divine sound which I hear 24×7 is very soothing and relaxing but the sounds of pulsars are irritating. Pulsar sounds are in no way similar with the divine sound.

  • arvind said:

    Pulsars are rotating neutron stars. They emit pulses of EM radiation. Including light. It’s not sound.

  • Jim said:

    When I was in my early teens I experienced a rhythm or a pulse that seemed to acknowledge all the actual sounds around me. The sounds of birds, the wind, a car going past and even the sound of someone talking, all formed into a rhythm and flow perhaps not unlike a heartbeat. I didn’t have a throbbing headache and I wasn’t on drugs. It felt like my own heart or pulse was connecting using sounds to a universal pulse, and it brought things closer almost as though I could reach out and touch the stars. There are time when I have been able to tune in in later years but not to the intensity of when I was young.

  • Geetanjali said:

    Namaste, I felt calm and peaceful after listening to these sounds. I felt remarkable movements at different chakras…..as if I’m getting transmissions. It was a nice experience…..
    With regards,

  • TONI SEYMOUR said:

    I started to feel kind of ill during hearing the Divine sounds.
    1. I got dizzy.
    2. My heart rate became sluggish.
    3. I had a strange feeling in my upper chest. I can only describe this feeling as bad.
    4. I felt distress.
    5. I had trouble thinking clearly.

    At this point I had not read that one might feel negativity and I thought to myself, “Oh no, why is this happening to me?” Divine sounds made me feel strange and I felt a slight panic, like something was wrong with me. I felt the Divine sounds so distressing I had to stop. Then I read further and learned that this could happen. Divine 1i did not bother me to listen to it.

  • admin said:

    Dear Toni, it’s good that you were able to understand about the distress you experienced.

  • amrutanshu said:

    I have tried meditating for an hour or even more, only I feel vibration at the center of my forehead and sparks around my body.

    I do not know what to do next.

    Could you please guide?

  • admin said:

    Dear Amrutanshu, kindly post your question via the Ask a question facility within our Log in. Our team responds to queries within 48 hours.

  • Resa said:

    I feel goosebumps during the first 10 seconds of all audios and then grow used to it… after hearing all the sounds I go to the bathroom. I feel my knees weaken or soften, but in reality I can walk normally to the bathroom. What does it mean?

  • admin said:

    Dear Resa, depending on whether you feel pleasant or unpleasant during those experiences, it could mean that spiritual healing is happening on you.

  • Indigo said:

    In the sounds of the stars I heard nothing but disturbing mechanical buzzing sounds – these were named different kinds of Nebula sounds – very other-wordly and alien and I would not like to hear them again. Horrible.

    And then I went to listen to the Divine sounds – here I felt a great sense of peace and a sense of all being well… I began to sense music in an infinite possibility of creation. This came with a feeling of creativity stirring. In these sounds there was a sense of peace, benevolent love, compassion and acceptance.

    Some of the sounds produced sensations inside my body. And although my eyes were closed I felt them filled with tears without any sadness. In many of the sounds there was a curious note of recognition – like I’d heard them before particularly in places of natural wilderness. I felt happy and comfortable. Anxiety was replaced by a feeling of inspiration. I became aware of a great love and compassion for life.

    I listened to all the divine sounds and the big thing for me was that they drowned out the noisy chatter that usually fills my mind so that it felt close to meditation. I really think listening to these sounds will help me in my path :)

  • admin said:

    Your experiences are very nice, Indigo. Gratitude for sharing them with all of us.

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